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Andrew Miller, Yu Darvish and two tales of straight-up filthy offspeed pitches

In Andrew Miller, the Indians have one of the premier left-handed relievers in the game, a guy with an ankle-breaking slider that eats up right-handed hitters like a ravenous athlete attacking the postgame spread.
Rangers right-hander Yu Darvish, meanwhile, is also known to make the baseball dance in various ways and directions on its path from his fingers to the home-plate area. 
Both pitchers did their thing on Monday night, with Darvish and his gasp-worthy curveball catching Mike Zunino looking in the Mariners-Rangers contest in Arlington: 

Over in Cleveland, Miller was tasked with preserving a scoreless game the Indians wound up winning, 1-0, in 10 innings, and didn't have any issues with that assignment ... much to the chagrin of Brian Dozier:  

Just unfair, guys. Completely unfair in just about every way.