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Anthony Rendon and Trea Turner are apparently baseball's newest bromance

One benefit of Spring Training is that it allows friends to rekindle their relationships after long, cold months apart, and Nationals camp is no exception. It has featured a blossoming friendship -- some might go so far as to call it a bromance -- between Trea Turner and Anthony Rendon. When asked Tuesday, on live television, who his favorite player on the team is, Rendon responded that it was also, in his opinion, the greatest player on the team: Trea Turner.

It turns out that the feeling is mutual, perhaps going back to last season.

Rendon admitted that the relationship went through some early kinks, saying, "it's a little weird, but we've actually gotten past that awkward stage. So, we're doing well now."
We're glad to hear that Turner and Rendon worked past their early discomfort and wish them a long and happy friendship.