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Anthony Rizzo's top-of-the-wall catch is worthy of your best Photoshops

In order to catch Keon Broxton's foul popup in the fifth inning of the Cubs' 4-1 win over the Brewers on Tuesday night, Anthony Rizzostepped up onto -- yes, onto -- the Wrigley Field wall.

Rizzo gave the crowd an up-close look at his unique brand of athleticism, and he topped it off with an Olympic-worthy pose as he hopped down from the ledge:

In fact, one might reasonably assume that Rizzo strikes this pose while doing all sorts of things. Like skateboarding:

Or surfing:

Stepping over puddles:

Getting out of the way the exact moment the shower temperature becomes scalding hot:

Climbing giant steps:

Playing hopscotch:

Squishing giant bugs after he's been shrunk by Rick Moranis:

Have a better idea? Tweet your best #TheRizzo photoshops @Cut4. Rizzo himself wants to see 'em: