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Assembling a baseball team out of Star Wars characters in celebration of 'The Last Jedi'

(Ross D. Franklin)

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" has hit theaters after much anticipation. Coming on the heels of 2015's "The Force Awakens," the newest addition to the Star Wars saga is sure to smash box office records and, hopefully, convey a bit more about the mystery surrounding Rey's background. 
With Star Wars on everyone's mind these days, it leads to a rather obvious question: What would a baseball team comprised solely of Star Wars characters look like? 
Here's an idea:
Left Field: Rey
She's young, she's seen some things, and she's shrouded in mystery. She's probably also good for a respectable OBP, and is a good teammate. 

Center Field: Finn
As he showed in "the Force Awakens," Finn found himself in a ton of dangerous and potentially galaxy-altering situations despite not fully realizing he was "ready" for the challenge. Center field can also present some tough challenges, but it's in times of personal struggle that we establish our character. 

Right Field: Boba Fett
International bounty hunter. Knows how to operate a jet pack, which could be handy when pursuing balls in the gap. Doesn't say much at all, and is loyal to whoever's paying him. Just keep him away from the Sarlacc pits, and you probably have a perennial All-Star on your hands. 

Third Base: Wedge Antilles
The grisled infield veteran who's seen some things. The lone Rebel pilot to have survived both X-Wing attacks on the Death Star, he's been doing his thing for years ... and he's a leader. He'll anchor the hot corner like nobody's business.  

Shortstop: Han Solo
He's brash, he's kind of scruffy-looking and he works well with a chip on his shoulder. Solo can get into some dust-ups with teammates every now and then, particularly as his ego calls the shots more often than it doesn't. And, he might try to make a few more dazzling plays than he really should, but you can count on him to rile up the opposing pitching staff, so plug him in at short and watch the magic.  

Second Base: Poe
The up-the-middle combination of Solo and Poe could get a bit testy at times thanks to their respective sense of pride, and they might argue over popups in their shared infield space, but what baseball team didn't succeed without a little volatility? 

First Base: Chewbacca/Jar-Jar Binks
OK, hear us out on this one. First basemen need height in order to catch throws from the infield, and Chewbacca's skills on the fields of Kashyyyk are the stuff of legend. But, he only hits left-handers. The much-maligned Jar-Jar Binks, meanwhile, also stands tall and can crush righties, so they form a solid (if begrudging) platoon at first. 

Catcher: R2-D2
With apologies to Jett Bandy, whose name is basically from the Star Wars universe, who better to call pitch sequencing than a calculating, number-crunching droid? Plus, he doesn't take any guff from anybody. 

DH: Darth Vader
Hitters don't get more intimidating than Vader, though his bulky suit means he can't really do much other than stand at the plate, swing and maybe run a little bit. 

Starting Pitchers: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jamie Moyer
The wise old wizard, utilizing a psychological advantage to best his enemies and thrive, despite all odds. And, as a solid No. 2, Obi-Wan Kenobi. 

Middle Relief: Luke Skywalker
He's been both Dark and Light over the years, which serves him well as a middle reliever and spot-starter, used in various contexts when needed. He gets the job done. 

Closer: Lando Calrissian
He throws hard, but only has two pitches and refuses to learn a third. Like most closers, things can get adventurous when he's on the mound, so you know you'll always get a show. 

Manager: Yoda

This one's obvious, right? He's wise. 
Bench Coach: Jyn Erso
Every manager, no matter his level of Jedi skills, needs that No. 2 by his side to share tips on strategy and getting the most out of your rag-tag roster of miscreants. 

Bench/Role Player: Kylo Ren 
He has ties to other players on the team already, so he kind of has to be here. Plus, if he wasn't, you know he'd wreck shop against you were he on another team. 

Obviously, this team only dabbles in the vast Star Wars universe -- so let us know who you'd add to your team in the comments below!