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Behold, a Dallas Keuchel jack-o-lantern in time for the World Series and National Pumpkin Day

As the calendar moves through October, that means two things: The postseason rolls along, and Halloween approaches. 
National Pumpkin Day was Oct. 26, which provided one devoted Astros fan all the inspiration he needed to pay tribute to Houston's star left-handed pitcher, Dallas Keuchel. The process by which Corey Middleton carved Keuchel's likeness in the festive orange squash was documented by local news in the Houston area -- that's how impressive it was. 
The result of his hard work? A pretty solid jack-o-lantern, which was ready for its reveal a few days before National Pumpkin Day: 

And yes, Keuchel applauded the homage:

Aspiring jack-o-lantern carvers out there: Good luck beating this one!
Watch Keuchel and his teammates take on the Dodgers in Game 3 of the World Series presented by YouTube TV on Friday on FOX (7:30 p.m. ET air time, 8 ET game time).