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The Astros, Panthers and Texans became Best Twitter Friends thanks to dabbing

In keeping with their long-standing tradition of generally wonderful shenanigans, the Astros have adopted the latest trend in interview fashion this season: wearing football helmets. The helmets come from all over -- Auburn, UConn, Oregon, whatever a player's team might be. Carlos Gomez, though, had a very specific request: a Panthers helmet, in honor of his favorite player, Cam Newton.

Proving that real does, in fact, recognize real, the Panthers took notice, trying to make sure that their eye emojis didn't deceive them:

They soon discovered that the teams had even more in common than they realized -- including that grand unifier of mankind everywhere, the dab:

Thus was born not only a friendship, but a Twitter thread for all-time. We now invite you to come with us on this journey of "Step Brothers" GIFs and Photoshopping.
Things began so well:

But, as the saying goes, it's all fun and games until the hometown team catches you dabbing with a league rival:

Well, this is awkward.

Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed -- there is, after all, room for everyone in the congregation of the Church of Dab.

And now, their powers combined, nothing can stop the Astros/Panthers/Texans crew from tearing up the town. cues the roll-out music

Ah, a happy ending to a true feel-good story, guys. Great job. There definitely isn't anything you forgot abou--

Next time, Tyler.