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Attention: Glenallen Hill finally conquered his fear of spiders, allows tarantula to walk along his arm

Glenallen Hill could hit the ball a long way during his playing days. A really long way. Like, you've probably never seen a baseball hit this far:

But for a slugger with such prodigious power, Hill had a weakness: spiders. He hated them. He once even went on the disabled list after dreaming about them, sleep-running into his living room and crashing through a glass table. More from the New York Times about the 1990 incident:
''I have a phobia about spiders,'' Hill said. ''In the nightmare, I was trying to get away from spiders.'' Hill said he bounced off a wall and climbed the 10 stairs in his apartment. ''When I woke up I was on a couch and my wife, Mika, was screaming, 'Honey, wake up!' '' he said.
Anyway, forget all that, because on Monday, the current manager of the Albuquerque Isotopes let a giant pink-toed tarantula crawl up and down his arm. Watch below if you dare:

Go on out there and conquer your fears like Glenallen Hill did. We believe in you.