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Jarrett Parker found the solution to his hitting slump: Hanging out with Barry Bonds

Entering play on Wednesday night, Giants left fielder Jarrett Parker was just 1-for-14 to start the 2017 season -- no reason to hit the panic button just yet considering the small sample size, but still a cause for concern. So, before San Francisco's game against the D-backs, Parker decided to get some advice ... from another Giants left fielder you may have heard of:

Yes, Parker and Barry Lamar Bonds were spotted hanging out during batting practice. And while we can't know for sure what the two discussed, what we do know is this: Just a little while later, Parker went 2-for-3 with a two-run triple as the Giants topped Arizona, 6-2.
Coincidence? Some innocuous hitting tips? Evidence of a Vulcan mind meld that will turn Parker into an unstoppable slugging machine? We're just asking questions here.