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Meet 'Boyhood,' the baseball-themed TV show that took China by storm

Five billion views. A primetime television audience. And, of course, one-handed dingers.

This is "Boyhood," the baseball dance party you never knew you needed, and it's become a smash hit in China. The 40-episode series starred the TFBoys, a popular Chinese boy band, as high school baseball players trying to turn around a losing team -- think Mighty Ducks, only with 100 percent more music video interludes.
As for how "Boyhood" turned pop stars into baseball stars, all of the show's baseball scenes were filmed at the MLB Development Center in Nanjing, China. The Development Center even enlisted the help of a handful of actual players to make guest appearances, including three who are currently in the Minor Leagues: Hai-Cheng Gong (Pittsburgh Pirates), Justin Qiangbarenzeng (Boston Red Sox) and the wonderfully nicknamed "Itchy" Xu Guiyuan (Baltimore Orioles). 
With help like that, it's no wonder the TFBoys can do stuff like this:

As you might imagine, there's also a whole lot of music involved -- they are pop sensations, after all -- and you can hear some of their songs in the intro sequence at the top of this post. The show was the most-watched program in its timeslot and was the No. 1 topic in the month of July on Weibo, China's Twitter equivalent, so here's hoping for a Season 2.