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Another year, another Royals Spring Training game invaded by a swarm of bees

On March 8, 2015, the Royals took the field for a Spring Training game against the Angels. The sun was out. Spring was in the air. Hope abounded. But then, THE BEES:

The game was delayed two separate times, but thankfully, professionals were on the case -- a Tempe beekeeper defused the situation, and a nation tried to move on. Months passed. The Royals got crowned. Baseball went on undisturbed. All was right with the world.
But oh, how naive we were. The bees were merely plotting their bee revenge -- and on Tuesday, exactly one year since their first assault, they returned. And this time, they came for the dugout.

Ned Yost, however, was able to keep his cool. He had just one rule: No one was killing any bees on his watch.

Eventually, the area was evacuated:

Who could we turn to in this time of darkness? Who could rescue us from the shadowy Illu-bee-nati? This guy, who apparently spends his time casually BAREHANDING BEES:

While this may seem like a terrifying Nic Cage fever dream, consider: 100 percent of bee sightings have resulted in Royals World Series victories, and that's the kind of math you just can't argue with. See you on March 8, 2017, bees.