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Before becoming an All-Star, Chris Devenski spent his offseasons collecting scrap metal

Before he was an All-Star with his own Devo-inspired followers, Astros reliever Chris Devenski looked for an offseason job a little differently than most other ballplayers: He collected scrap metal. 
"I had a pickup truck and I was looking for some money to make at the time," Devenski told "'My dad goes, 'You have a pickup truck. Go around and look for some scrap metal.' So, I went around the city I grew up in and found scrap metal in alleys." 
Yeah, it may be as strange as Richie Hebner digging graves in the offseason, but we're going to guess that Devenski will probably have some different offseason plans this year. Namely, fishing. Check out the video above for more on his scrap metal habit and his fishing tips.