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Bernie Williams just graduated from the Manhattan School of Music

It's not uncommon for baseball players to dream of becoming music superstars. After all, plenty of players have either released albums, like Bronson Arroyo, or even just a single, like Terry Forster. But there probably aren't many (if any) who follow up their wildly successful playing careers by getting their bachelor's degree in music. 
Then again, most people aren't like Bernie Williams. Known for his playing his guitar in the clubhouse throughout his career, the Yankees outfielder had already released two records with "The Journey Within" and "Moving Forward." 

Still, Williams wanted to get his degree, saying:
"I think the more prepared that you are in this ever-changing world of music, the better you're going to be. If you know how to read and write music, you know how to communicate with fellow musicians anywhere in the world -- you know, this is a universal language.The more prepared that you are, you're better off."
Of course, it eventually came back to baseball. "The cool thing about this is there are no stats for wrong notes or battered pages," Williams said. "You gotta play for your pride. There's no way to tell in numbers how good or bad you are." 
Well, now that he said it, we definitely should invent music statistics. Instead of the Grammys, you could reward the artist with the best hits per nine listens or the era-adjusted APS+ (Auditory Pleasing Sounds).