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The only thing that can slow down Billy Hamilton on the basepaths is an umpire

This is Billy Hamilton's fourth season in the Major Leagues, and no team has been able to slow him down yet. He can steal third without the help of a pitch; he can score from first without the help of a hit; he can score from second ... on a passed ball. Even his home runs are faster than anybody else.
But during the Reds' 9-1 win against the Cardinals on Saturday, we finally discovered just what it takes to stop the fastest man in baseball. After Hamilton grounded a ball up the third-base line, the pitcher's throw got past the first baseman and into foul territory. Hamilton attempted to turn and head for second -- when he met the immovable object himself, umpire Angel Hernandez:

Alas, while running into a fielder is obstruction, running into an umpire is just bad luck -- Hamilton was forced to head back to first. He'd still come around to score, though, because he's Billy Hamilton, and not even the Baseball Gods can keep him down for long.