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This flock of birds is likely now in charge of the Pirates' Spring Training ballpark

The Pirates dropped their Grapefruit League matchup with the Astros, 11-8, on Sunday afternoon. But what's more, they lost their Spring Training ballpark to a large and assertive flock of birds.

Yes, these gulls are likely now in control of McKechnie Field. They started with left field, swooping in and surrounding Adam Frazier, but it's clear that the whole stadium is now part of their domain. I just don't see how the humans on the field, world-class athletes or not, can compete when so out-numbered and out-winged. 
You can see it in the video above, the way they stand there casually in front of Frazier surveying their new territory, with that "This will make a splendid castle for our new bird kingdom" look on their bird faces. Not even the crack of Astros right fielder Jon Kemmer's bat was enough to send them away, as they just came swooping back in.