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Despite multiple bounces, Blake Swihart kept his eye on the ball to make the out

Baseball features plenty of loud athleticism when players hit home runs, chase down a fly ball in center field or throw a 100-mph fastball. But it also features more subtle forms of hand-eye coordination when a player lays down a bunt or a catcher hangs on to a knuckleball.
In the sixth inning of the Red Sox 7-0 win over the Indians on Thursday, first baseman Blake Swihart, who started the game on the bench but came on to play in the first inning when Mitch Moreland exited with a left knee contusion, showed off some impressive hand-eye coordination after David Price bounced a ball over to him:

Swihart managed to keep his eye on the ball as it bounced in the dirt and off his glove to make the catch ... all the while keeping his foot on the bag for the out. It may not have been a 500-foot home run, but it was every bit as athletic.