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A Blue Jays ballboy was willing to leap into the stands to make a play on a foul ball

Sure, being a ballboy seems like a lot of fun. You get to wear a big league uniform, hang out on a big league field and field big league foul balls -- what could be bad?
But don't be fooled. That numberless jersey comes with a job description: to protect the fans from any and all foul balls no matter what, whether it involves giving up the body or getting dirty or snagging a laser beam. For one Toronto ballboy, though, not even all of that was enough. When a fly ball was headed toward the stands down the right-field line during Wednesday's 7-0 win over the Rays, he was determined to do anything necessary to make the play. So he sized it up and took a leap ... and came up, uh, just short:

Sure, you didn't make the play, but don't worry: Steven Souza Jr. is here to tell you that it gets better.