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Meet the Blue Jays fan on a mission to prove Canadians aren't always so stereotypically polite

Imagine, for a moment, a Canadian baseball fan. What do you picture? Do you see a man in flannel, sitting in the middle of a forest, eating pancakes covered in maple syrup and saying, "Lovely day for a ballgame, eh?" Perhaps a Mountie helping an elderly woman cross the road on the way to the ballpark? Whoever you imagine, they're definitely very nice, right?
Well, one Blue Jays fan, with his Justin Bieber mask and crying LeBron James sign, is on a mission to do away with that stereotype. Cespedes Family BBQ's Jordan Shusterman caught up with him at Progressive Field before the Indians' 2-1 win in ALCS Game 2 on Saturday:
"I woke up at 5:30 a.m., I drove hundreds of kilometers to be here to counter the inaccurate stereotype that all Canadians are polite. Some of us are provocateurs. … I'm here to export Canadian culture at its finest -- but not the stereotypical culture that is thought of, the Canadian as a bland, polite people, you know? We're the fierce warrior."
An example of said fierce trash talk for the fans in Cleveland:
"Do you talk to your grandma about what it was like here in 1948, when you last won the World Series?"
Alas, this Blue Jays fan's provocations couldn't carry his favorite team on the road, and the Blue Jays face a 2-0 deficit in the series, which now heads up north to the home of Justin Bieber. Speaking of:
"Justin Bieber is a cultural icon, Canadian Royalty and we're very, very proud of him … at times."