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Tip your cap to this Blue Jays fan's use of his hat to reel in a second-deck foul ball like a champ

The Blue Jays lost to the White Sox, 11-4, on Friday at Rogers Centre in Toronto in a game that staked Chicago to a quick 7-0 lead after an inning and a half. In that situation, with the home team trailing by a wide margin, it's not uncommon to see some fans head for the exits early in order to spend the rest of the evening elsewhere. 
That's each individual fan's prerogative, really, but for those who opt instead to stick around until the very end no matter what, they're given certain ... opportunities that the others aren't. Such as chances to take home souvenir baseballs slapped up into the stands, even if all you have is your cap:

Brilliantly done by this Jays fan, rewarded for sticking around -- as this happened in the bottom of the ninth with two outs and two strikes on Luke Maile with Toronto trailing by seven runs. And as we've seen, pulling off the perfect cap catch can be a challenge -- so caps off to this guy for this display.