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Bobby Parnell took on gravity and gravity won on this throw to second base

Gravity is a real drag. Literally. Just imagine how much fun we'd have soaring around the skies, doing endless air cartwheels without it. Instead, we're forced to fight the Earth just to lift our feet with every plodding step. Tigers reliever Bobby Parnell took on gravity on Tuesday night and lost. 
Facing the Blue Jays in the ninth inning of the Tigers' 3-2 win, Parnell collected a grounder back to the mound from Darwin Barney. With Kevin Pillar racing for second, he turned to fire. Only problem: Dreaded gravity and its Bad Times Crew showed up. 

Not to worry, though. Parnell stranded the runners, ending his day with 1 2/3 scoreless innings. The reliever told's Jason Beck after the game: 
"Yeah, you got a runner on first, in a big situation like that. I catch the ball, and my first instinct's to go to second base. It's kind of a big hop there, so I know I've got to get it out quick, and I turn around and he's got his hands up. So I try to hold onto the ball, and when you're going full force, it's tough. So it's just one of them baseball things. I was fortunate to get out of there."
While gravity may have won that battle, it failed to win the war.