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Take this quiz to prove that actor Bradley Whitford and manager Joe Maddon aren't the same person

There aren't many faces more familiar in the baseball dugout than Joe Maddon. Over the past decade, he's guided both the Rays and Cubs to the World Series and turned his white hair (and occasional beard) into a signature look.
The look has become so distinctive that it's become a bit of a challenge to tell Maddon apart from -- of all people -- actor Bradley Whitford, who has sported a similiar appearance ever since he began filming for the 2017 film "Get Out."

It's almost uncanny.

Is Maddon deciding how to best use Jason Bartlett in 2008? Or is Whitford deciding how Josh Lyman would react to President Bartlet in a 2004 episode of "The West Wing?" Who can say for sure?
Below, we've put together 10 photos of Maddon and Whitford. Can you tell them apart? Take the quiz to find out.