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Brandon Crawford showed off his wheels and his glove with two crazy running catches

Sprinting: It's the worst thing a human being can do with their legs. (The best thing is propping them up on the couch and covering them with a soft blanket.) 
Unfortunately for the Giants' Brandon Crawford, he's a professional athlete -- and a very good one at that -- so he's often tasked with showing off his speed. Suffice to say, he's rarely had to do as much running as he had to do in the Giants' 4-3 loss to the A's on Saturday night. 
He started in the bottom of the sixth inning when he made Matt Olson regret that Rickey Henderson Field has the largest foul ground in the Major Leagues. 

Crawford was back at it in the 11th inning. Dustin Fowler lofted a blooper to shallow center field that surely looked like a single into no-man's land. But Crawford had other ideas. He raced back, slid and somehow kept his eye on the ball despite Alen Hanson in direct pursuit from the other side of the bag. 

Maybe sprinting does have its advantages.