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The Brewers made this around-the-horn triple play look like no big deal

All our lives, we've been led to believe that triple plays were like defensive unicorns. Really, it only makes sense -- that's three outs! On one play! It only happened four times all of last season, and it requires a truly ridiculous number of variables!
... at least, that's what we used to think, until the Brewers turned all available logic on its head. During Friday's game against the Marlins, Milwaukee didn't just turn an around-the-horn triple play -- they made it look like your garden variety ground ball:

Baseball blasphemy. An entire inning's worth of outs, all in just a few seconds -- the seventh in team history, according to's Adam McCalvy, and the first since 2011. What's next, Brewers, are you going to tell us Hank the Ballpark Pup is still out there?