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Brian Dozier slipped on the bases to miss out on a triple, but he could still smile about it

Brian Dozier has been the sparkplug for the Twins' offense throughout 2017, and after his team fell behind, 3-0, on Friday night against the Tigers, he sought to get the team on the scoreboard. On Matthew Boyd's second pitch, Dozier went the opposite way and down the right-field line.
With the ball slowly reaching the corner, he decided to go for a triple. Everything seemed to be going smoothly ... until his legs betrayed him:

Dozier had to retreat to second base while in fits. He couldn't stop laughing at himself and his smile was as wide as ever:

You can bet that Dozier's teammates were needling him, too.

It was all in good fun, as Dozier came around to score on an Eduardo Escobar double. He made it even better his second time up by crushing a three-run homer to put the Twins in front, 4-3.

The Twins went on to win, 6-3. All's well that ends well.