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Bryce Harper thought it was very funny that he drew a historic number of walks this weekend

Bryce Harper walked a lot during the Nationals' weekend series against the Cubs. Actually, "a lot" is an understatement -- he walked a historic number of times. His 13 walks over the four-game series were the most on record, and his last 12 plate appearances of the series consisted of one sacrifice fly, one hit-by-pitch and 10 (!!!) of those said walks, four of which were intentional. In the 13-inning game on Sunday (a Cubs walk-off win), Harper reached base seven times (six walks and a HBP) without an official at-bat, another MLB record. 

And if you're wondering, Harper seems quite amused that he can't stop drawing walks. During the 10th inning when he was intentionally walked to load the bases for the second of three times on Sunday, he just stood there and laughed.  

But here's the thing: Harper thought he could've walked more. He told's Jamal Collier after the game:
"I chased some bad pitches against Lackey the other day -- he's very deceptive with his stuff. If I don't swing the bat at all this series, I walk 16 times."
Because Harper's used to drawing walks -- he had 24 heading into Sunday's game, and his 124 BBs were second-most in the Majors last season. And when you're so threatening at the plate that the opposing team insists on putting you on base, what else are you supposed to do but laugh?