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Celebrate Bryce Harper's 100th homer grand slam by watching every dinger he's ever hit

Bryce Harper is a man who knows how to make a statement. After being booed by Braves fans on Opening Day, Harper walked to the plate and promptly deposited a ball in the seats. Facing the Braves again on Tuesday, Bryce did something he's never done before: He hit a grand slam. For his 100th career home run to be exact. 

And wouldn't you know it? He hit it on his mom's birthday:

At this point, here is the list of things Harper hasn't done on a baseball field:
- Throw a no-hitter
- Field a baseball and then squeeze it really hard until it turns into a diamond
- Hit a baseball into the moon 
- Hit a baseball into the moon, revealing the moon to be home to an advanced race of aliens who were always looking to us to make the first move
- Hit a three-point shot. Because this is baseball, not the Golden State Warriors practice. 
We're sure it will only be a matter of time before he pulls those off, too. While we wait for that, enjoy all 100 dingers at once.