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Bryce Harper and Jimmy Fallon are (controversial) Catchphrase champions on 'The Tonight Show'

The Nationals didn't have a game scheduled for Monday before opening a series with the Mets at Citi Field on Tuesday.
So, what was Bryce Harper up to? We've already seen him spend his off-days doing things such as taking secret selfies with shirsey-wearing fans at museums, so we know he likes fun. 
This time, the Nats outfielder went prime time -- paying a visit to "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Monday night for a cameo. You see, he wasn't billed as being among the show's guests, so his appearance was somewhat of a surprise that he announced on Instagram during the early evening: 

During his visit to the program, Harper teamed up with Fallon in a game of Catchphrase against actor/comedian/SNL alum Andy Samberg and model Gigi Hadid, who were also guests on the program. 

After it was all over, the pair boasted about their win on Twitter:

However, not everyone was pleased with the results of the competition. In fact, Harper's younger brother Bryan took to Twitter to call him out:

As did the Lonely Island, who were also part of the game: