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Bryce Harper showed up on College Gameday dressed in his Ohio State best

ESPN's College Gameday traveled to Columbus, Ohio, on Saturday for the Big Ten rivalry between Ohio St. and Michigan. As usual, Lee Corso and company invited a celebrity up to make some picks at the end of the show. And -- wouldn't you know it -- they picked the pride of Las Vegas and College of Southern Nevada alum Bryce Harper. 

Wait ... what does Harper have to do with the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry? As it turns out Harper's wife Kayla played soccer for Ohio State, which is why Harper was decked out in Buckeyes gear. 

It's not surprising, then, that the free-agent outfielder picked the Buckeyes over the Wolverines -- even if it meant going against the rest of the panel -- but he explained that the stakes were actually pretty high. "My wife would kick me out of the house if I picked Michigan," he said.

Ohio State didn't represent the only easy pick he made Saturday morning. Regarding the BYU-Utah matchup, Harper said, "Anytime I can root against BYU, I do it."

But it wasn't all easy. When it came to picking the winner of Georgia-Georgia Tech, Harper publicly apologized to catcher and Georgia Tech alum Matt Weiters before picking Georgia to come away with the win.
Overall, Harper displayed impressive knowledge of college football, dropping stats for players and teams without the assistance of notes. Even the other panelists seemed impressed.
The real test of Harper's knowledge came in the Ohio State-Michigan game. Bryce's non-consensus pick proved to be right as Ohio State notched a convincing win over Michigan, 62-39.