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Get excited, everyone: The 'Bull Durham' musical is officially coming to Broadway

No, you didn't just happen to miss a Kevin Costner-Susan Sarandon dance number -- there is actually a musical adaptation of "Bull Durham," and it's picking up steam.
We last heard from Crash and the gang a few years ago, when the musical was going through a test run in Atlanta. And, because no audience can resist such a heartwarming tale of strikeout fascism, it looks like it's finally headed for the bright lights of Broadway.
"I think [the test run] went extremely well and we're getting indication that it's moving forward," Ron Shelton, the writer and director of the film who also wrote the book for the musical, told WRAL.
The producers are targeting some time in the spring of 2017 for a Broadway debut, which means there's still plenty of time to cast the bull:

Here are some former players that might be excited about the upcoming production: