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And now, please enjoy The Adventures of the Bunny Caught in the Marlins Dugout Camera Well

Spring is a time for baseball, from the first sights of Spring Training to the wall-to-wall joy of Opening Day. It's also a time for bunnies, both real and imaginary. Prior to Monday's matchup between the Marlins and Nationals on Monday, these two springtime institutions collided -- in the camera well next to the Miami dugout:

We're not entirely sure how the rabbit got into the ballpark, or why it decided to hide out in the camera well. Maybe it just wanted a nice view of the action. Maybe it was seeking protection from any wayward Giancarlo Stanton laser beams.
Whatever the case, once it was in the camera well, the little guy needed some help to get out. Enter an intrepid member of the Nationals grounds crew, armed with nothing but courage and a net:

The day saved, our intrepid bunny quickly returned to the business of finding Minor League outfields to roam.