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The Braves will debut an IPA brewed with wood from a baseball bat at Sun Trust Park

When the Braves open Sun Trust Park against the Padres on Friday, they will also debut an exclusive beer made by local Terrapin Beer Company. The Chopsecutioner -- a Braves-specific play on the brewery's flagship Hopsecutioner IPA -- is an IPA aged with bat wood. It puts a new meaning to the term "barrel-aged."

According to's Matt Snyder, the beer is aged and cooled after fermentation on wood chips left over from Mizuno's bat-making process, so there won't be traces of pine tar in your beverage.
The beer is a product of the Terrapin Brew Lab, which is housed within Sun Trust Park. They will also offer other ballpark-exclusive beers, such as On Deck IPA and Swing Batter Brown Ale.
The only thing that could take the Chopsecutioner to the next level of barrel aging would be to serve it in a hollowed-out bat.
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