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Caleb 'Cabob' Joseph interviewed 'Crush,' 'Mamba' and other O's teammates about their nicknames

Before their game against the A's on Wednesday afternoon, Caleb "Cabob" Joseph went around interviewing his teammates about the nicknames they'd be using for the upcoming Players Weekend. Jonathan Schoop is using "Mamba" because he apparently plays basketball like Kobe Bryant, Ryan Flaherty is "Flash" -- perhaps due to his blazing speed (he has six career steals), perhaps not -- and Adam Jones will honor his grandmother Anna Brown with a patch on his right sleeve. 
Oh, and Chris Davis is of course ...

Not just because he crushes home runs or has lots of man crushes, but because he thinks "Orange Crush is a delightful beverage."
Learn more about the Orioles nicknames in the video atop this post.