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Cardinals fan barehands foul ball, keeps beer intact

Hey, let's face facts. When going to the ballpark, there's a premium paid for beer -- both financially and in terms of time, if the line at the beer stand is especially long.
A frosty cup o' suds can be a refreshing part of your afternoon, depending on what you prefer to do while taking in a game, but the threat of a spill is always a concern. 
So, what's a fan to do while holding a beer when a baseball suddenly starts heading in their general direction? They could opt to run away from the ball, choosing beer over souvenir. Or, as this guy coolly did in Sunday's Marlins-Cardinals game, he could just stand there, calmly reach out and spear that careening line drive off the bat of Dexter Fowler with his free hand -- somehow miraculously keeping that beer safe and (almost totally) intact: 

Just look at his reaction, as he obviously surprised himself with this display. 
Hats off to you, guy, for an absolutely stellar and inspirational addition to an impressive (and small) list of beer-saving foul ball snares. We've seen this sort of situation go explosively awry, so kudos for your success.