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Watch Carl Crawford's son make an outstanding diving catch in the sun during the NYBC

The Crawfords are a prodigious baseball family. Carl's in his fifteenth year as a Major Leaguer (after starting the year with the Dodgers, he's currently a free agent). His cousin, J.P., is MLB Pipeline's No. 3 overall prospect and has Phillies fans dreaming of championships to come. And as he demonstrated during Thursday's action in the National Youth Baseball Championship tournament, Carl's son Justin doesn't fall far from the Gold Glove:

A diving, rolling catch like that in the sun is a play that might've even given his dad trouble. And while Carl led the AL in triples four times in his career, Justin has quite the bat, too:

Alas, despite Crawford's best efforts at the plate and in the field, his Surf dropped the game, 6-3, to Lights Out. But speaking of impressive baseball genes, Royce Clayton's son, Royce Jr., is also playing in the NYBC and manning shortstop just like his father.