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Carlos Beltran hit the 'H' off Safeco's scoreboard with a homer, must be great at carnival games

Remember your last visit to the carnival, when you plopped down a crisp $5 bill in exchange for a few balls, hoping to use them to knock out the teeth off a giant clown face? If you were successful, you'd win a stuffed bear. 
Well, you weren't successful, since carnival games are often mind-bendingly frustrating (and designed for you to lose, much like casino games but that's a conversation for a different time). Anyway, Carlos Beltrán probably comes home from the carnival with truckloads of stuffed animals, if this homer in Wednesday night's 8-3 loss to the Mariners is any example of his skills: 

Really, though. That "H" was just sitting there making itself a perfect target, especially since it stands for "Hit" -- something Beltran did, powerfully, with the authority and precision of a seasoned midway pro.
As well as that of a nine-time All-Star in the 19th year of his supremely productive career. That, too.