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Carlos Santana made a Little Leaguer's day and the two are now basically best friends

That moment at a baseball game when Little Leaguers sprint out and take the field ahead of their Major League counterparts is always special. Often, those lucky Little Leaguers get a quick meet and greet with the player and a souvenir baseball. 
The laid-back atmosphere of Spring Training, one of its most attractive qualities from a fan's perspective, however, brings with it opportunities you don't always get during "real" games. After all, the intensity of a regular-season contest isn't there, nor the immense importance of every pitch, every swing, and every minute of activity on the field.
On Sunday, the Phillies lost to the Orioles, 4-2, at Spectrum Field in Clearwater, Fla., but the day was a huge win for one young man who received a lengthy, animated pep talk from the Phillies' Carlos Santana that ended with this excellent high-five:

They're best friends now. That's how this works.