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Catching a Mike Trout homer will make you the happiest person on the planet, as this fan proved

The Angels beat the Red Sox, 3-2, on Sunday afternoon in sunny Southern California. With Boston leading, 2-1, in the sixth, Mike Trout stepped up to the plate and deposited a pitch into the right-field seats for a game-tying homer.
Trout's home run ball found its way toward a throng of Angels fans, one of which brought his glove -- and he pulled in the prized baseball with a great catch. How do you imagine you'd react in a similar situation? With outright, unbridled glee, completely overcome with bliss that this was, in fact, happening to you?
That's basically what happened to this teenage fan who reeled in the souvenir, making the impossible become real:

A Reddit user identified himself as the lucky recipient of Trout's dinger and posted a photo of the ball. He described the experience as emotional and part of the joy of going to the ballpark.

[Photo: Reddit -- Fergusthemage]
Just another day of dream-making for Trout.