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Celebrate National Selfie Day with the 6 best baseball selfies of the year (so far)

In 2013, the Oxford English Dictionary declared "selfie" its word of the year. In 2015, the first National Selfie Day was celebrated on June 21. That has been the incredibly brief history of this holiday that we're about to enjoy together, but now you know it and you'll be able to fully enjoy the best baseball selfies of 2016 (so far) within the proper context.
1. The Angels set the record for the largest group of people using selfie sticks

This dog is just one of many Angels fans who helped set a Guinness World Record.
2. Jake Marisnick and George Springer hang out with a dinosaur

Let's be honest, if Jurassic Park was real, 50 percent of all selfies would look like this.
3. Bryce Harper sneaks up on a fan

Things you can see at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History: butterflies, dinosaur skeletons, Bryce Harper.
4. Yasiel Puig sneaks up on a fan

This is a good trend, and we encourage it to continue. 
5. Fan captures Brandon Drury's in-the-stands catch in the most 2016 way possible

How will anyone know how close you were to the catch if you're not in the picture?
6. Indians fan disrupts the entire selfie game

This man is the MC Escher of selfies.