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Sir Charles Barkley graced the world with a BP session at Citizens Bank Park

Charles Barkley, former NBA All-Star and current TNT commentating All-Star, stopped by Citizens Bank Park on Monday to take in the Cubs-Phillies game. It was the city where he got his professional start and where Charles became "Sir Charles."
After chatting it up with players from both sides and declaring Philadelphia would sweep the series, the Hall of Famer decided to make some more memories for his Philly fans: He entered the batting cage.

Right back up the middle. Just how all the great ones do it. 
Joe Maddon talked to's Evan Webeck about the moment:
"You know, i've heard about it (Barkley's golf swing). We mildly tried to get him to hit today, but they really encouraged us not to do that. He was talking about his golf game a little bit. I think I've seen some video of that. He was a good basketball player. Very good basketball player."
Well, we're glad he did take some hacks and, yes, his baseball swing seems to be a bit better than his golf swing.