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Confused about Clemson's Hunter Renfrow and the Padres' Hunter Renfroe? We're here to help

On Monday night, the Clemson Tigers' Hunter Renfrow caught two more touchdown passes, including the game-winning score with one second remaining in the fourth quarter, to defeat Alabama in the college football National Championship. This came after he caught two in last year's Championship defeat to 'Bama. 

"But wait," you say. "Hunter Renfrow? Isn't that the former first round pick of the Padres, who made his Major League debut this past season?" Well, no. That's Hunter Renfroe. While they sound the same phonetically, they are actually wholly separate people. 
Here is the chart that should break it down nicely for you: 

So remember, if you see someone doing this, it's Renfroe, not Renfrow: