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The sun tried to challenge Coco Crisp, but Coco prevailed with a magnificent catch

The sun can wreak some major havoc during day games at the Oakland Coliseum. For years, A's home games have seen some wacky and unpredictable things happen in the outfield.

Sunday afternoon's Royals-A's game added the latest chapter in this ongoing saga, courtesy of Coco Crisp. After Kendrys Morales lofted a short fly ball to left field leading off the fourth inning, Crisp came charging in to make the play … but that's when the sun stepped in to try and muck things up.

Crisp, however, stayed with the play and wound up making a rather impressive catch with his outstretched glove -- even reeling in the ball once it popped out after he landed on his back.


As we've seen over the years, some funky things can happen at the Coliseum during the day ...