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Cody Bellinger just unveiled a brand new style of catch: The piggyback grab

Ball hit to the gap. Outfielders are chasing for it. Who makes the grab? And, more importantly, who will be the piggybacker and who will be the piggbybackee? 
That played out in the seventh inning of the  Dodgers 2-1 win against the Cardinals on Tuesday night. When Matt Carpenter blasted a ball to the gap in left-center, left fielder Cody Bellinger and center fielder Joc Pederson converged. Rather than let the ball fall between them, Bellinger opted to almost leap onto Pederson's back: 

Not only does this have us dreaming of ballpark piggyback rides, it raises a few interesting questions: Could you get a boost from another fielder to rob a home run? Could you construct a cheerleader-like human pyramid to reach even higher -- creating a sort of prevent defense in the outfield? 
Yasiel Puig wants the answer to these questions, too: