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David Dahl's panicked search for Cody Bellinger's deflected homer was a highly relatable moment

Whenever you momentarily misplace something, a terrible feeling comes over you. "I just had it! Where did it go? How could it be so hard to find when I literally just had it?"

It's not a fun experience. If you find whatever you were looking for, then the mistake quickly passes by. You'll probably forget it by lunchtime.

If it is lost, though? Well, then you can probably relate to Rockies outfielder David Dahl. He came oh-so-close to robbing Cody Bellinger of a homer in the second inning on Thursday. The ball bounced off the base of his glove and went over the wall, but at first, Dahl did not realize it. The terror set in:

The multiple double takes really emphasize the panic.

Alas, Dahl's mitt let him down. That earned it a brief stare of betrayal.

Whether it's accidentally leaving your phone at home, locking your keys in the car or guiding a homer over the fence, we've all been there. Most of us haven't done the latter, but the disbelief remains the same.

Dahl didn't have much time to dwell on it, anyway. Max Muncy took the very next pitch out of the ballpark, too.

The Dodgers are simply relentless.