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Craig Gentry is just the latest OF to show off his incredible skill by robbing a home run at Camden Yards

Craig Gentry may have surprised some by landing the Opening Day start in right field for the Orioles. After all, since his career year with the Rangers in 2013, the outfielder has a .593 OPS. 
Woe to those who didn't believe. Against the Twins on Thursday, Gentry raced back on Eddie Rosario's deep fly, leapt and showed that launch angle isn't just for those at the plate: 

But Gentry's grab wasn't just for those who want to see home runs drop across the league. It also introduced him into a special club: Those who robbed home runs at Camden Yards. 
Obviously, there's the gold standard: Mike Trout leaping high over the wall to snare a baseball. When people think of robbed homers, this is what they picture:

Peter Bourjos robbed the same batter -- J.J. Hardy -- a year later. Dude couldn't buy a home run at home against the Angels (he's second in the clip below): 

During a year in which Chris Davis had five, count 'em, five home runs robbed, Billy Burns was the only one to take one away in Camden:

Kevin Kiermaier did his best to add to the legend of Camden Yards as a sort of bounce house for outfielders: 

If you're wondering, of course Adam Jones did it, too: