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KBO team debuts, retires, crazy third-baseman-behind-catcher shift in one whirlwind game

We've seen crazy infield shifts before. Remember the Great Wall of Dodgers?

But in Tuesday's KBO game between the Kia Tigers and the KT Wiz, we saw something truly revolutionary:

Yes, that's the third basemen just hanging out behind the catcher. While it may seem unlikely that whatever benefit this could provide is greater than the consequence of leaving such a big gap in the infield, it's possible we don't understand the Tigers' strategy.
Maybe they meant for their third baseman to slowly creep up behind the batter and breathe down his neck during every pitch, making it impossible for him to focus. Maybe they planned to move each of their infielders to a different place in foul territory, confusing the hitter into thinking he was actually playing cricket.
Unfortunately, we'll never know the Tigers' endgame, because the umpires wouldn't allow the unconventional shift:

Or will we find an answer? The Tigers won the game, battling back from a 3-run deficit in the tenth inning, and finally triumphed on a walk-off home run. That means it's probably okay to spill some secrets:

h/t: Deadspin