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Cubs and Yankees stage epic fight through Twitter GIFs and polls before making up

Without baseball games to be played, it's hard for teams to figure out who's better. After all, there are no standings or head-to-head matchups in which to battle. 
Fortunately, there's Twitter. And it all started with a friendly (OK, semi-friendly) tweet from a Yankees fan expressing how the Yankees' account is better than the Cubs'. 

Which meant that the Cubs had no choice but to make it all official with a poll. Because America is a democracy (OK, representative democracy) and so the people had a right to make their voice heard. 

And with that, the GIF war was on.

The Yankees kicked it up another notch. Like that sibling who can't help but to needle at you, they reminded the Cubs of their long World Series drought. 

This was obviously a bridge too far. Feelings were now hurt. It was time to make amends. After all, the season's still close to two months away. 

All's well that ends well. After all, they were just having fun on the internet.