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Generations of Cubs fans bonded in bliss via text messages after their World Series win

On Wednesday night, the previously unfathomable became objective reality. The Cubs won the World Series. 
Elderly Cubs fans rejoiced, decades of hopes, wishes and dreams finally coming to fruition. Fans watching the game in Wrigleyville and inside Progressive Field experienced just about every type of emotion humanly possible. It wasn't a dream anymore.
Throughout the night and well into Thursday, something spread across social media like wildfire: Twitter users sharing screencaps of their text messages with parents, grandparents, friends, and other loved ones either after it was all over or while the frantic, 10-inning thrillfest was taking place on the field. 
These ranged in scope and tone, but plenty of grandparents were represented. 
Here's Ethan's grandmother, who texted him during every Cubs game all season long:

This superstitious grandmother couldn't bear to even watch the game, but her granddaughter was up to the task anyway:

This grandma, meanwhile, obviously watched every minute and proved it with some 80-grade emoji skills:

Of course, no Cubs World Series win comes without a flurry of emotions and sentimentality, considering how long it had been since fans were ever able to feel anything like this:

This grandma was definitely relieved:

Same story here:

And then there was this heartwarming conversation between a Cubs fan and his mother regarding his late father:

On the other side of the equation, this proud father is just beaming -- thanks to the Cubs, but also thanks to his daughter:

While this guy's father, recovering from a recent bike accident, was able to bask in it as well:

And then, of course, as mothers are wont to do, this one saw an opportunity regarding her daughter and one Mr. Kyle Schwarber:

Tough to say just who had the bigger smile Wednesday night, these generations of Cubs fans or Kris Bryantas he secured the final out ...