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Cubs national anthem singer John Vincent is really excited about their World Series trip

Anybody who's tuned in to various home games for the Cubs this postseason has witnessed something pretty astounding -- and we don't just mean Javier Báezon defense.
Singer John Vincent has stepped up and delivered rousing renditions of the national anthem before, as he's become something of a Wrigley Field staple thanks to his ties to the city of Chicago and Mike Ditka, and (as WGN pointed out) has also performed for the Green Bay Packers, the crosstown White Sox, the Chicago Bulls and more.
Before the Cubs took down the Dodgers, 5-0, to win the NL pennant on Saturday night, Vincent once again showed off his vocal chops by holding the note in " ... land of the free" for 21 seconds. Cubs announcer and former MLB pitcher Jim Deshaies even timed it: 

Seriously, Vincent's whole performance was just amazing: 

As seen atop this post, Jake Mintz of the Cespedes Family BBQ was on the field after the Cubs nailed down the victory and spoke with Vincent. In their chat, Vincent says he would be honored to sing the anthem at the World Series, should the Cubs extend an invitation.