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Cubs No. 1 prospect Gleyber Torres models his game after countryman Miguel Cabrera

The guys behind Cespedes Family BBQ have embarked on a cross-country road trip to see as many Top-100 MLB prospects as possible. You can find an introduction to the trip and the full schedule by clicking here, and a recap of their travels to date right here
As baseball fans, we all have favorite players to watch. We mimic their batting stances in our backyards, perfect the quirks of their deliveries in our dorm rooms and pretend we have one percent of their athletic capabilities/facial hair.

But we may overlook that many of these players we herald as our favorites also have favorite players of their own. Since he was a little kid, Cubs No. 1 prospect Gleyber Torres , currently playing shortstop at Class A Advanced Myrtle Beach, has looked up to Miguel Cabrera.
It's easy to see why Torres holds Cabrera in such high regard. The two native Venezuelans each signed as a highly rated shortstops with a penchant for hitting the ball the other way. Quantifiable evidence below:

Torres, who has 8 homers, 25 RBIs, 11 steals and a .758 OPS this season, spoke before Tuesday's game in Salem about what he's learned by watching Cabrera over the years. Check it out in the main video slot above.