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Hunter Pence went absolutely bonkers after Johnny Cueto's two-run bunt

Up, 3-2, in the sixth inning against the Rockies on Thursday night, the Giants were looking for some insurance runs. Johnny Cueto, a man who is a joy to watch every time he steps up to home plate, laid down a bunt that ended up scoring two runs on an errant throw by Nolan Arenado. We're not sure if it was the two-run bunt, Cueto or just Hunter Pence being Hunter Pence ... but Hunter Pence lost it:'s Chris Haft caught up with the Giants outfielder postgame to see what he was feeling:
"A lot of happiness. It was a big moment, a lot of good stuff happened, so I was just happy."<o:p>
Or maybe he was just auditioning for a spot in Home Alone 4?

The Giants ended up winning by a final score of 7-2 -- staying in the thick of the NL Wild Card hunt..