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Episode 43 of the Cut4Cast: (Free)stylin' and profilin' with Giants prospect Tyler Beede

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Last week, Yoenis Cespedes came to an agreement with the Mets, and Noah Syndergaard immediately offered to be his roommate. But which MLB player would the Cut4 staff most want to live with? Mike Bertha, Dakota Gardner and Gemma Kaneko spent this episode choosing their ideal roomies, giving each other baseball advice, and deciding which TV shows need an MLB cameo.

Sure, that sounds like more exciting content than any podcast could possibly contain. But that's not all! Giants prospect Tyler Beede also dropped by to talk about his life in the Minors and his love of music. Fun fact: He's also a rapper who goes by the name "Beedah," and if you want proof, he's more than willing to freestyle for you. Just listen to the podcast to hear him. And don't forget -- his song, "One Life," featuring Sam James, will be released on Feb. 11. 

Here's a guide to this week's episode:

3:30 -- Which MLB player would make the best roommate?

13:17 -- What question would you ask a baseball advice columnist?

25:12 -- Which TV show deserves an MLB cameo and who would it be?

31:50 -- An interview (and some freestyling!) with Tyler Beede

But if you want more than just those rhymes, find out why we said stuff like this: 

Mike: But you're living life on the edge if you're living with Adam Jones. You never know when you're going to get a pie in the face. 

Gemma: Just remember, you're young and youthful, and you'll sleep when you're dead.

Dakota: I get that you can't show WW II documentaries 24 hours a day.